25- A “real” influencer: Lyne Ste-Marie

Lyne Ste-Marie is my guest for this episode, where we’ll be talking about this new profession of social media influencer.

I’ve known Lyne for many years and I’m a great admirer. She’s a woman of warmth and intelligence, who has reinvented herself several times over the course of her career. She’s been a model and worked a lot in Asia. She became one of television’s most popular “weather girls”. And over time, she’s kept in touch with her fans and increased her influence by always “keeping it real”. As a mother of two, she is, for us at the agency, an influencer with a real and very active community, and we love working with Lyne.

- Welcome, Lyne! Thanks for agreeing to join us.

Before I start with any specific questions, could you tell us about your experience on the internet? When did you create your Facebook page, and why?

1- What does influence mean to you?

2- Do you see yourself more as a blogger or an influencer? What’s the difference for you, if any?

3- We also hear about “content creators”. Is that one of your services?

4- As someone who’s in direct contact with your fans every day, what is it that brands and companies don’t understand (or underestimate) about this relationship that’s also become a real career for you?

5- Our American neighbours like to stick labels on things, and according to my research, there are four million “mommy bloggers” in North America. Do you see yourself as a “mommy blogger”?

6- Without naming any brands, can you tell us about a collaboration that’s been a real success on your platforms, and tell us why?

7- What do you think of TikTok? Are you on it?

8- What’s the future of social media after COVID, over the next three years for example? (Everything changes so fast on the internet.)

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To contact Lyne Ste-Marie: www.lynestemarie.com