26 - Marketing trends

What is a trend?

Simply put, a trend is a human action that’s on the rise – or, if you prefer, in demand. It could be an action or activity that few people do at the outset, but that becomes more popular with an increasing number of people over time.

A trend may very well be a desire that becomes increasingly popular, for instance, leaving the city to go live in the countryside during COVID.

It may be a demand for a newer or older product that an increasing number of people are looking for over time, like the return of '60s music or bell-bottoms.

In terms of religion or new associations, trends emerge because many people share the same beliefs: more and more Westerners are interested in Buddhism and happiness.

In finance, we often hear about market trends.

For us at the agency, trends are often built into our tactics for presenting new products.

It’s important to know that influencers and journalists are looking for trends and want to let their fans or readers know what’s new and what's trending.

At the beginning of each year, every profession chimes in with its predicted trends, ranging from colour to design to food and any other new product or idea.

Let me give you an example. My partner shared a trend with me that appeared in Monocle magazine – “GENTLENESS”.

Is this a trend that brands and companies will be including in their marketing plans this year?

We chose to include this trend in several of our service offerings and let our clients know about it. We feel certain that with everything we’re living through and seeing in social media now, gentleness is a trend that has a bright future. No doubt it will become a basic need. It’s a bit like the buy-local trend, a long-term trend that’s become one of consumers’ chief concerns. Some are adopting it as one of their values, and even as their mission.

Gentleness means taking the time to take care of yourself, your skin, your hair, and what you eat. For a natural hair care brand, the term ‘gentleness’ is entirely relevant.

What are you doing to be gentler with yourself and those around you?

What will gentleness mean in the coming months? It’s a trend to watch…

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