27- Why should you make yourself known?

We’re developing a service offer for a brand of chocolate that’s been in business for many years, with a traditional sales network that’s still its mainstay to this day.


However, for the past several months, even a few years now, the company has been losing market share. They know they need more consumers to get to know them, now, or buyers will start to choose a brand that’s better known for their chocolates come Easter, Christmas, and Mother’s Day.


Today it’s rare to have any monopoly over a market without raising your brand awareness to attract consumers.


Are you one of those entrepreneurs who invests the bulk of their resources in sales and very little in marketing? I’m sorry to tell you that this extremely risky marketing cycle has been very harmful during the pandemic because your customers are spending more time at their computers.
What’s the very first thing they do when they’re looking for a product? They GOOGLE it. Your competitor, whose name is mentioned by influencers/media and featured in their own online advertising strategy, will be at the top of the list.


This is all the more tragic for a brand whose products, which are high-quality and have sold exceptionally well for it, are now sitting on the shelves because consumers haven’t heard of them.


Don’t wait until you’re in that situation. Make your products quickly available on your website or a transactional site, and get people talking about you.


-     Send your products to a highly targeted list of influencers and media.

-     Focus on a platform like podcasting, which is a very powerful online tool that’s still being overlooked.


Buyers will be even more interested in you, and they’ll take the risk of adding you to their shelves. But if your products don’t sell once they’re in their store, you can be sure that that second or third order will be very hard to get.


Yes, you have to invest in your sales, and that investment involves a budget as well as resources allocated to the company’s promotion, PR, and social media.


To start making yourself known, nothing beats combining PR with social media.


In our 20 years of coaching brands and services in getting out there, raising their profiles, and reaching their clients, we’ve managed to crack the codes.


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