29 - Social media and PR: points in common

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Episode Number 29.

We all need both social media and PR

I like social media, especially since our clients started using it. Today, any reputable brand has a Facebook page, an Instagram account, and is closely watching what’s happening on TikTok. These tools have become essential communication channels for companies.

I like that our clients are active on these digital platforms. By using them, they have discovered the importance of the following six points:

a.  Investing time in developing these platforms.

b.  Creating original content (images, text and videos).

c.  Developing an original signature.

d.  Writing a unique story.

e.  Adapting copy to your target audience so they buy into your content and become fans of the brand.

f. Driving desire among fans and clients so that they want to learn more about products and new initiatives.

This observation goes for public relations too. PR and social media have much in common, and so we suggest to our clients an approach that combines the two in order to:

a. create original press releases;

b. showcase the company’s values and brand image;

c. tell a brand’s story;

d. grab the attention of journalists and influencers by investing time.

The main difference is in our target audiences: we forge links with journalists and influencers. We influence them. We make them want to tell a brand’s story and talk about its products.

A few years ago, many of our clients abandoned public relations in order to focus on social media. What was the outcome for many of them?

- Journalists and influencers thought that the brand had disappeared.

- Their SEO did not improve much.

- Their competitors were mentioned online and in traditional media.

The moral of this story is that if journalists and influencers aren’t aware of your brand’s presence, you will soon be replaced by your competitors.

I understand that people want to place more importance on new social media, mistakenly thinking that it will be a quick fix for all their issues. For more than a decade, now that these platforms have become increasingly widespread, it’s been recommended that brands combine social media and public relations to maintain their presence and relevance with their clients.

Success leaves its mark.

It’s your move. We’re here to answer your questions if you want to find out more about the powerful tools that PR and social media can be.

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