31- The newswire: What’s it good for?

For those of you who remember a time when there was no internet, you may already have seen, in movies, newsrooms, or TV newscasts, a device (a fax machine), churning out press releases in a continuous hard-copy feed, day and night.

That’s the forerunner of the newswire.

What is the newswire? And what’s it good for today? That’s what we’ll be exploring in this post.

To clarify things, let’s start with a definition that’s been around for quite a while, but one I find pretty accurate.


A service that uses telecommunications to transmit press releases on a rolling basis, as they come in, to a set of targeted recipients locally, nationally, and internationally. (Source: GDT, 2001)

Does this definition make you think of Twitter? Well, Twitter offers up all kinds of news and information in a continuous feed. It’s a sort of all-access newswire.

The newswire we’re talking about here, though, is just for sharing press releases and news stories. There are several newswires in every country. So, the newswire is a service provided by a company.

I like to give the example of CISION, a company that owns several of these services (newswires) in many countries.

If you want to spread a news story through online and traditional media, you can contact CISION's newswire services to publish your press release. This time, your press release will be distributed to their database online, not on paper.

What are the benefits of paying for your press release to be sent out over a newswire?

1- You’re going to reach hundreds if not thousands of media outlets, journalists, and sometimes even influencers and experts in your field.

2- These “expert” journalists can relay your story to their readers and ultimately reach your customers.

3- You’re maximizing your positioning as an expert and a leader in your market.

4- You’ll move to the top of browser searches based on particular keywords, a new technology, or an innovation.

5- It’s a very useful tool for optimizing your SEO.

You don’t need to hire an agency to get the benefits of a newswire. However, you’d better be sure your press release is perfect, and that it has all the important keywords and clickable links, with images and videos that can be linked to and shared.

What you can do is retain the services of a public relations agency like ours (NATA PR) to advise you and help to write your story, defining your words and key phrases, choosing your images, and selecting the best strategy for getting your press release out there.

And keep in mind that, for a fee, an agency can share its own lists of media contacts and influencers with you.

If you’re self-employed or have limited resources, consider our customized training that shows you how to easily combine PR with social media to generate fast results.

We’re here to answer your questions if you want to find out more about the powerful tools that PR and social media can be.

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