33- 75% digital + 100% organic

Since the pandemic, all of our customers have been obsessed with things digital and with online sales.

Does that sound like you?

We absolutely get it. Many businesses have been able to stay afloat thanks to online services, taking orders on hastily assembled websites. One of our clients who didn't have a transactional website posted their products on Facebook and received orders by email or Messenger.

Without the Internet, all these sales wouldn’t have been possible.

So, it’s only natural that some of our clients are questioning their entire marketing plan and budget.

My partner and I have analyzed all the results that we produced last year for one client in particular. I wanted to measure our impact beyond the number of articles, appearances, and publications online and in the “traditional” media of print magazines, newspapers, and television. Much to our surprise, 75% of the results we generated for this client were digital and totally organic (no money changed hands).

For those of you who are still hesitant to make that move online, know that COVID has had a major impact on online shopping, as revealed by a VIVIDATA survey:

73% of adults have purchased something online, including clothing, shoes, books, and electronics.

And that percentage is expected to remain very high.

What can you do to make yourself known and bring potential customers to your site?

PR combined with social media is a great solution, especially if your budget is tight.

We’re here to answer your questions if you want to find out more about the powerful tools that PR and social media can be.

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