35- Interview with Laurence Lachance, Vice President, Business Development ORFE

Laurence Lachance, Vice President of Business Development at Orfé Design, is my guest for this episode, where we’ll be talking about branding and why investing in your image and promotion is so important.

ORFÉ: You are communicators. With more than 30 years of experience across North America’s markets, Orfé Design & Com specializes in the art of branding, design, and communication, both B2C and B2B. Your vast knowledge of North American regulations combined with your desire for innovation makes your agency the ideal partner to develop companies’ branding. You are creators of value.

Welcome, Laurence! Thanks for agreeing to join me for this podcast.

1- What is your definition of branding? Can you give us a concrete example?

2- What is the scope of your services? (recent case study)

3- Why is branding important?

4- Creators of value. What does that expression mean?

5- Why do clients choose to work with Orfé? Who is your typical customer?

6- Your father founded Orfé. You and your brother took over the agency a few years ago. What were the easiest and most difficult parts of the journey?

7- What questions should a company be asking if it wants to work with an agency like Orfé?

8- How do you respond to those who believe that investing in your branding is expensive?

9- Our clients are all obsessed with the Web. How do you support your customers who wish to develop their online presence and sales?

10- What does the future at Orfé look like? Do you make projections for the next two, three, and five years?

If our listeners want to work with you, how can they get in touch with you Laurence?

ORFÉ DESIGN: www.orfe.com