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6 steps to get known using Public Relations and Social Media.

Several years ago, I hired an advertiser to get a fresh look at what we were doing and better define who we are. The goal was to simplify our work processes because, as public relations experts, we have a talent for making things complicated!

Through these meetings and conversations with our advertising friend, we created the NATA PR Model. Moreover, it was this advertising expert who defined the different steps in our model. We have been using this model for many years and, although we have made a few adjustments, it has proved to be the simplest tool for explaining what we do to our clients.

We created this toolkit at the agency when we were defining our processes. We were in a period of strong revenue growth and so it was paramount to write down everything we were doing to pass it along to our new employees. Our goal was to create an ISO-like operating method, which was precisely what we did. Through this process, we finalized the NATA PR Model.

The NATA PR Model has six steps. Each step is important and, when all six steps are followed, the model has proved to be highly effective.

These six steps provide a manageable overview of a public relations campaign that might otherwise seem intimidating.

Just like advertising campaigns, PR campaigns have a beginning and an end.

The six steps are:

1-Determine why journalists/bloggers would talk about you

2-Tell your story

3-Identify the real influencers

4-Give them the necessary resources

5-Assess the impact

6-Follow up (reminders)

A little careful thinking at each step in the process will allow you to put your creativity to good use. If you want to apply the model on your own, I would suggest that you define a few points for each step. Next, check what one or two journalists or bloggers who have shown interest in your product have had to say about it recently. What did they discuss? What are they writing about now? This could help guide your actions.

The NATA PR Model is the backbone of our public relations campaigns and an effective guide for understanding. It is the basis for our actions. Each step can be expanded depending on the resources you have. However, we have used this version to run massive campaigns for global businesses.

The NATA PR Model is equally effective for multinationals as it is for small businesses with local reach.