Get known combining simplified Public Relations tactics.
Learn how to combine PR with social media to reach your clients and easily boost your SEO and sales.


Having an exceptional product or service to sell is just one part of the job.

Invest in Your Sales

US$ 6,000 or 3 monthly payments of US$ 2,000


Even the most extraordinary products can’t move forward without clients to support their growth and development.

Have you created an exceptional product or service that’s going to be useful to the world, but nobody knows about it?

There’s no point investing colossal amounts of funds in production if you don’t have a marketing plan that includes the right tools – like public relations and social media – to get known.

We hear this from a lot of clients:

  • We don't have a specific plan
  • We have a better product than our competitors, but no one’s talking about it
  • We don’t know how to use public relations
  • We’ve tried social media and it doesn’t sell
  • Influencers cost too much

If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place!

Before founding NATA PR, I worked as a marketing and communications director for 10 years.

I got into business 20 years ago to help big and small businesses get known. I have over 30 years' experience.

I know the codes of success to get you known.

I've applied them to brands such as Guess Jeans, Kérastase, Le Creuset, Caudalie, Innisfree, Roche Bobois, and hundreds of others.

And thanks to all this experience, I’ve developed the art of getting known easily and effectively. It’s a clear process. It’s a model to follow that we’ve fine-tuned over the years so you can put it to work right away.

The NATA MODEL is the basis of our NATA PR SCHOOL training.

Is the NATA PR SCHOOL program for you?

It is if you have a product or service to launch. Or if you want to know how to become an expert that media and influencers will turn to.

We’ve thought this through. We’ve created videos and material to make the work as simple as possible.

But we’re not going to lie to you. Developing and growing a business is a huge job, and our program isn’t for everyone.

You’ll know our course is right for you if:

  • You want simple tactics for learning how to use public relations.
  • You’re looking for a solid, proven, step-by-step method you can use right now to get yourself known.
  • You want to know how to choose the best media and influencers to get you known.
  • You want the support and guidance of a senior expert to develop a customized PR campaign based on your needs.
  • You’re looking for a course that fits seamlessly with your marketing plan to help you grow your business, thanks to the know-how of a female entrepreneur who runs a multi-million-dollar company.

How It Works

When you sign up for NATA PR SCHOOL, you get access to online courses that will be published each week.

Once you’re in the program, it’s for life. You’ll have access to the course as long as it’s available. Every upgrade and add-on will be included at no additional cost.

*The full course has 12 modules

25 class minutes to watch each week: 12 modules
45 minutes of live class time to delve into the module, put tactics into practice, and ask questions
Two one-on-one coaching sessions per month
Two quizzes to test your knowledge
One final project – YOUR OWN CAMPAIGN

*This course plan may be modified at any time to meet student demand.

Module 1

The NATA PR Model

What are public relations? How do you mix them with social media?


Module 2

Why would journalists / influencers talk about you?

Why would they
talk about you?

Module 3

Telling your story: setting the stage for your message


Module 4

Identifying the real influencers

The real

Module 5

Communications / scheduling tools – pitch

tools & pitch

Module 6

Measuring your results

your results

Module 7

Developing PR campaign tools

PR campaign

Module 8

Creating a PR campaign that works with your Social Media

Creating a
PR campaign

Module 9

What is guest posting?

What is
guest posting?

Module 10


Becoming irresistible – How to capture media and blogger attention


Module 11

In front of the camera – How to be a better communicator

In front of
the camera

Module 12

Developing a public relations / social media campaign

Developing a


Weekly one-on-one coaching / one lunch hour a week

Go over the week’s module. Natalie will answer all your questions. This is your chance to talk about everything you need to promote your project.

Ask a Coach

Get the coaching you need throughout the process. Submit coaching and questions 24/7 via our member portal and get personalized coaching specially designed for you, twice a month.

Bonus Courses and Content

Access our library of past LIVE training, and documents including press releases, typical campaign schedules and campaign reports.

Invest in Your Sales

US$ 6,000 or 3 monthly payments of US$ 2,000


100% Money-Back Guarantee

Once you’ve learned and applied the methods I teach in this course, if you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll reimburse all program fees.

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