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OKA celebrates its 125th birthday

OKA celebrates its 125th birthday

NATA MODEL 1 – Why should the media talk about you?  // OKA celebrates its 125th birthday

There are six steps in the NATA model. Yet the first is by far the most important of all for generating press coverage and piquing the curiosity of bloggers and influencers. Step one in the model is to answer a simple question: Why should the media talk about you?

When we were entrusted with promoting OKA cheese, the answer was enlightening. In Canada, and no doubt in America, 125-year-old cheeses are rare indeed. So we took the opportunity to celebrate this noble cheese. 

To promote this great Canadian classic, OKA cheese, we decided to tell its story, delving into the photo archives and speaking to the Trappist monks who had been crafting it in an old monastery since 1893. Not until the 1980s was the monks’ know-how shared with the AGROPUR cooperative, which still keeps the secret.

We sent a complete press kit along with a 2.5-kilo wheel of OKA cheese to the top journalists across the country. Our 'media mail' got a lot of attention!

Even today, behind this lovely golden wheel with its washed rind lies an entire cross-section of our history.

And history still draws the media in.