Sugar Shack Luxury

Sugar Shack Luxury

Our new client, DE L'AUBIER, makes a fabulous sap water, which was named best water 2012 in Barcelona. They recently invited us to LA CABANE, an event with which they were associated.

I was delighted to discover that the sugar shack, a real Quebec tradition, has become a gastronomic mecca, offering an experience that is urban and refined. It was pure luxury to savour the food prepared by renowned chef Helena Loureiro, who created an exquisite blend of her native Portugal and the joys of maple.

And of course, DE L'AUBIER had a prominent place at the table for the guests to refresh their palates—between the succulent dishes and the wine—with this water derived from maple sap.

It would be impossible to talk about Quebec's sugar shacks today without mentioning the extraordinary work of chef Martin Picard. He has made our cuisine shine and reinvented our traditions and country food with remarkable creativity. Originally celebrated for his poutine au foie gras, he continues to amaze us and make us proud: his maple syrup recipe book was recently named Cookbook of the Year at the prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. Quite an achievement!

I have not yet had a chance to visit Martin Picard's sugar shack, but that is one luxury that I definitely plan to indulge in.

Is haute cuisine a luxury that you occasionally give yourself?

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