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The six-step NATA model

The six-step NATA model

STEP 1:  Why would journalists talk about you?

Ten questions to help find positive angles and tell the right story to the media

Journalists and bloggers are storytellers. The more attractive, unique and original the facts, products and services are, the more attention they will garner when the public relations expert presents them.

How can we get journalists interested in our product or service? Of course, there is nothing better than a first, an innovation, a 10th anniversary or a scoop to win over the media.

Questions to start the discussion:

1-    What are the unique aspects of your product?

2-    Is it the only one, the first one, a new one?

3-    Is it innovative? 

4-    Are you proposing a method or a product with origins that date back to the Egyptians?

5-    Do stars in Hollywood or your community use your products?

6-    Do experts use your products in international competitions?

7-    It is a new technology?

8-    Is it the 5th, 10th, 75th anniversary of the company or brand?

9-    Have you won any competitions or obtained certifications?

10-  Is it a classic idea revisited by today’s talented artists or designers?

Will your story interest readers and the public in the target media? Think about hard-hitting images for TV; touching, impactful stories for radio, etc.

Client: Camellia Sinensis

Camellia Sinensis’ 20th anniversary and a new exceptional project: The Tea Studio

The Tea Studio is the first of its kind in the Indian region of Nilgiri, where experimentation and innovation abound in order to develop new teas.